Materials We Work With in the Bay Area

metal parts

While some shops only work with steel variants or specialize in aluminum heat treating in the Bay Area, our team goes above and beyond to work with a full range of materials. We have the capabilities, expertise and familiarity with a full range of material to ensure your project is handled appropriately, regardless of its composition. Some of the materials we’re able to work with proficiently include:

Customers choose us for metal hardening service in the Bay Area because we’re able to perform a full array of heat treatments, no matter the metal, to achieve an unparalleled degree of improvement. Our results speak for themselves in the products our customers put to work each and every day.


The inverse of heat treatment services, cryogenics involves taking metal temperatures down to extreme lows, in order to imbue them with additional strength and resistance. Cryogenic tempering in the Bay Area is often used for tools, industrial-grade equipment, high-stress auto parts and more.

Not every heat treatment services offers cryogenics and few have the working knowledge of how this treatment can be applied to various metals. At Garner Heat Treat, Inc., we offer this specialty service and tailor it to meet the needs of our customers, no matter the material or final application.

Service for any metal

Whether you’re working with copper, aluminum, a steel variant or even cast iron, trust us for heat treatment and cryogenic service in the Bay Area. We work with precision and expertise to ensure you’re getting a finished product that’s above and beyond your expectations. Contact us today at 510-568-0587 with questions.