About Us

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At Garner Heat Treat, Inc., we take immense pride in providing customers throughout Oakland, San Francisco and the Bay Area with metal finishing services and metal heat treating in the Bay Area. No matter what industry you’re in, what the scope of your project or what unique demands and specifications it comes with, we’re ready to go above and beyond in providing you with excellent finished results.

Our ISO-certified heat treating service in the Bay Area is backed with nearly six decades of experience. With state-of-the-art equipment, a tenured staff and a strong portfolio of completed projects, we’re confident in our ability to assist you in any facet of metal finishing. It’s why we’ve become well-respected as a premier metal finishing service in the Bay Area, and why our satisfied customers continue to come back to us for all of their heat treatment and finishing projects.

Industries we serve

Part of our success comes from the vast range of industries we’re able to work with. Our experience extends to metalworking across a scope of unique demands that includes:

Some of our more notable projects as a metal hardening service in the Bay Area include:

  • R&D for the Tesla X Model.
  • A mirror for the Hubble Telescope.
  • A solar car for Cal Berkeley.
  • Prototype and production for robotic surgery machines.

We’re also heavily involved in trucking industry and work with parts and component producers to create and improve upon essential trucking components.

A Dedication to Quality

Above all—no matter what project we’re working on or for what customer—we strive to always adhere to a superior level of quality in the work we perform. That means never compromising on specifications, cutting corners to meet deadlines or overlooking problems to produce results. We go the distance on every project, and strive to meet our own internal standards for excellence at all times.

To see our capabilities at work for yourself on your next project, we invite you to speak with us today by calling 510-568-0587. We’re ready to provide your project with the care and attention it needs.