Heat Treating Services in the Bay Area

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At Garner Heat Treat, Inc., our facilities are equipped to provide customers with a full gamut of heat treatment services, as well as metal finishing. Our technologies can be applied to virtually any type of metal and any application to a superior degree of excellence. Whether you need annealing services or induction hardening in the Bay Area, know that we’re prepared to provide it. Some of our core capabilities include:

We invite you to speak with one of our tenured professionals about the properties you require for your metalworking project. We’ll provide expert oversight to ensure your standards are met and your metal is properly treated.

Brazing and Joining

In addition to steel, copper, brass and aluminum heat treating in the Bay Area, we also perform brazing and joining services. Using MIG and TIG welding, we can join materials with strong, durable welds, to ensure the longevity of your components. In addition, we can braze materials through a number of techniques and methods to ensure you’re getting the strongest joint possible.

Secondary Ops Finishing

As part of our heat treatment and metal finishing, we also take the time to provide our customers with metals that are finished to perfection. This can include washing, degreasing, abrasive blasting and metal straightening in the Bay Area. We’ll take the time to make sure your components come out looking, feeling and performing perfectly.

At Garner Heat Treat, Inc., we process anything from ounces to thousands of pounds, across a wide range of metal types, for final applications of all types. There’s not much we can’t do and we welcome the challenges and specifications your project demands. For more information or to get started with us today, please contact us by calling 510-568-0587.